Team Outsourcing

We build IT teams. In a short time period, we can create a hi-professional development team. We are able to form a team, consisting of our own IT specialists as well as initiate effective recruitment activities.

We offer the services of our project manager who gets to be responsible for the teamwork and client – team communications. Having intermediary, allows our client to minimize communication issues. That increases development quality and rate.

During previous projects, we have developed project management standards, which help to determine the scope of responsibilities successfully and to build an effective client-team communication channel. However, each client is individual, so exactly YOUR requirements will be taken as a base to tailor new project management methodology to satisfy your needs.

After project is done or is partially done, client gets support and education of his own specialist to work with new software. With new solutions, customer gets detailed documentation and full description of the product.

Feel free to arrange a meeting with us; we will be glad to show benefits for your company from cooperation