Legacy software re-engineering evolves into a serious problem for app builders and enterprises who exploit their own applications.

Even if software was created long time ago, it can still perform crucial functions in the customer’s business. Such issue can evolve in the following shortcomings and SoftStream can help you in their reduction:

  • Expertise scarcity on the market
  • Troubles in developer’s motivation (everybody wants to deal with advanced technologies nowadays)
  • Outworn technologies evolve into problems with software environment and integration
  • Scarce up-to- date documentation
  • Degraded solution attractiveness and competitiveness for direct consumers

In order to develop the best solutions for these challenges, SoftStream involves comprehensive competences in application development and management. Our service presents serious expertise in application re-engineering and migration. This gives us a perfect opportunity to meet the most precise requirements of our clients.

If you need application re-engineering and migration, we offer:

  • Changing out-of- date technologies to up-to- date ones. Our experience allows creating software architecture with proper use of technologies and tools to enhance business value of the legacy software
  • Support and maintenance of the legacy software
  • Help with the software which does not possess actual documentation (reverse engineering of the solution)