It does not signify if you are an enterprise with custom-made solutions or an application product business – Software Maintenance is essential process for your software landscape.

Today companies tend to choose external sources to do software maintenance properly. Successful cooperation with external sources guarantees efficiency increase and more satisfied customers.

SoftStream has great competence in providing its customers with Software Maintenance Services from different business domains from all over the globe. We work with inquiries from different companies and technological fields: with simple client software and with mission-critical real- time solutions.

The experience our team possesses helps to implement with our customers engagement and delivery options which have proven to fit their business needs perfectly well. Optimal efficiency of Software Maintenance Services is reached in the way of leveraging of our skills in Infrastructure Management and Software Development.

Here are several most popular issues we help with:

  • SoftStream team creates an application for the customer and does Maintenance service for it. Usually this is conducted when the customer wants to outsource to our service all activities connected to a certain application line.
  • We help the customer with already developed software. This is usual when the consumer wants to enhance the efficiency of the existing software maintenance process or wishes to focus own resources on different activities.
  • We help the client with an application that was created for him by other service providers. Such cases happen when the service provider did not cope with Application Maintenance in accordance with the customer’s specifications or simply ignored them.