Our SoftStream team is able to solve all your problems. Rely on our specialists and receive the best possible results. We realize that software testing is crucial for your business. For this reason, our company provides more than just basic path testing. It gives a full scope of software testing options to companies developing business software and products.

Testing professionals at our company know how to present a great combination of reliable technical competence, business domain awareness and expertise with modern creative testing frameworks and technologies. Only highly-trained testers are chosen to work in our team. All this allows delivering of best possible solutions to our customers within the shortest timelines.

Quality assurance service at SoftStream has tested and enhanced a huge range of software in a variety of industries and domains for over than 8 years of functioning. You can be sure to receive robust and bug-free result. It is easy to determine our success through the success of our customers. Our company knows that high-quality product delivery is the most successful way to gain reliable and significant reputation on the market.

A full scope of software testing service models is offered by our team. SoftStream specialists are able to cope with all your tasks, needs, wishes and expectations. You will receive models that are fully compliant with any requirements of the customer: testing as part of a project team or an international team along with dedicated test teams.

Manual Testing

Despite the comfortable and reliable benefits of automated testing, you still sometimes need manual testing. It gives human intuition and competence. There are a lot of advantages of manual testing. It is a tool of great importance in software testing toolbox.

Test engineers at our company dedicate all their patience and attention to details. They show incredible creativity in finding hidden issues. Our specialists know how to provide effective testing technologies. Their expertise in this scope is great. Software testers ensure the holistic perspective that is so important in effective software testing: possessing application engineering expertise, adopting role of a final user and incorporating domain expertise.

Automated Software Testing

Automated testing has gained its popularity for easiness and convenience in use. With the help of automated testing, your manual work will be eliminated. A possibility of human error will be excluded through exact executing of operations. Automated testing can cover bigger quantity of test cases than manual testing. This service will save your time and money. You will observe efficiency enhancing thankfully to automated testing.

Highly-trained software testers at our company are professionals at creating sophisticated testing options. This service is customized, so every client will receive automated testing programs developed individually and specially for his concrete company. Agree to this, such approach gives some serious benefits.

Usability Testing

Experienced companies never ignore the quality of interactions between their customers, applications and Web-sites. Do not forget that business rivals are only a hyperlink away. Do not make your clients to use those hyperlinks. It is obvious that poor user experience will have a negative impact on customers. We offer usability testing services that are able to surface the gap between poor and rich user experience. With our help you can be sure that your Web-site and software will be intuitive, useful and of high quality. It is always pleasant to work with companies which offer accessibility, quickness and comfort.

Usability Testing Services from SoftStream help software and Web-sites to be user-friendly and intuitive. As our services estimate all usability issues in early design stages, we provide diminishment of design failure in live environment and decrease costs of correction. Thankfully to Usability Testing your Web-sites and software will work properly.

Performance Testing

Web services and IT systems give life to businesses nowadays. This fact explains the need of performance testing capabilities of such programs. Their throughput, scalability and responsiveness should be thoroughly tested before the final exploitation.

Our long-term experience and sophisticated tools allow thorough assessment of the most comprehensive systems and programs along with the ones that are already running. Performance testing plays a great role in future success of your company.

Interoperation and Cross Browser Testing

Interoperation is essential in the availability of software to all customers. Our testers possess long-term experience testing the interoperation of all IT components (Web browsers, network environments, operating systems, software and hardware).

Our clients have an opportunity to take the advantage of different cloud forms: Platform-as- a- Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as- a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as- a-Service (SaaS). We combine them is different ways in order to meet the specifications of the application and present our customers all kinds of cloud testing:

  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Stress testing
  • Functional and acceptance testing