• SoftStream has demonstrated knowledge, quality, professionalism and experience while improving productivity of different organizations. Their performance was enhanced thankfully to our help. Our company guarantees software engineering services of international standard.
  • A full scope of services can be obtained from us. We will help you to organize your projects and to make them efficient. Methodology and tooling, metrics, team building, productivity and lots of other services are available for successful development your business.
  • Our highly-trained employees will be able to provide your projects with expertise at all stages: inception, design and analysis, development, unit and integration testing, test automation, deployment, maintenance and further support.
  • We are experts in Agile methodologies and will adjust to the specific requirements and needs of every client. Our experts know different languages, so it will be easy for you to explain and for them to understand your requirements and expectations.
  • Modern creative practices and technologies are guaranteed. Our IT specialists will provide you with luxurious software products and in such a way help to reach your business goals.

SoftStream ensures a full scope of software development services to different companies around the globe. We work with short, easy portal projects and find large complex solutions, provide complex integration, tailoring and customization.

Our SoftStream team is able to solve all your problems. Rely on our specialists and receive the best possible results. We realize that software testing is crucial for your business. For this reason, our company provides more than just basic path testing.

It does not signify if you are an enterprise with custom-made solutions or an application product business – Software Maintenance is essential process for your software landscape.

Legacy software re-engineering evolves into a serious problem for app builders and enterprises who exploit their own applications.