Projects outsourcing

The best software for your business – is a custom software. The one that was tailored according to your needs. Program, that does what you need in the way, suitable for you.

Our company implement IT projects, which have a specified scope, price and deadline. We can create suitable project for your company in several solutions types:

Mobile solutions. You can use the power of mobility to improve your business. Using all available platforms, i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, we can create various-level applications, games and mobile versions of web site services for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Therefore, your clients and employees can be in touch in any time and any place

Web solutions. Move your work to the cloud! We create advanced Internet and intranet portals, and web applications. Using those tools, your company can extend client bases. You can hire high professional employees from the whole world. You are able to access your job from the suitable place, using Internet

Tests and audits solutions. You can be sure, that your software is secured, and works correctly. We run unit, functional, integration, security, performance, usability tests as well as data migrations and maintenance tests. Security audits will help your company to find bottlenecks in your defense and improve data protection.

GIS systems - We design and implement Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used for entering, collecting, processing and visualizing of spatial data. Your business can use this information to specify offers to the client locations, or track movements of appliances and employees.