Being a National Lending Associates, Inc. (NLA) Customer company provides customized loan, credit management and tuition receivables support to lenders and schools. Its offerings include web based programs designed to help institutions ensure compliance with all Federal Truth- in- Lending disclosure requirements.

Objective and solution

The project was to improve and extend the functionality of the System of Credits Issuing with further information export to the loan servicing firms. Project was running on legacy software technologies and had no documentation, contacts with previous development team were lost.

  • Recover and document technical design, core business processes and requirements
  • Automate deployment and versioning processes
  • Improve maintainability and stability of the project
  • Perform project reengineering inlucluding:
    • Redundant components removal
    • Replacement of legacy software components with newer alternatives
    • Appliance of best software architecture practices where appropriate
  • Extend the functionality of the credit issuing business-processes
  • Optimize overall system performance
  • Establish basement for software as a service solution that could be used by partner organizations

Project highlights

  • Working in continious delivery manner allowed to complete more than 150 major features, improvements and optimizations
  • By providing high quality and flexible services the customer established new partnership contacts which allowed to start moving system toward SaaS model
  • Project duration – 1 year and work is still in progress
  • Project volume – 3000 men/hrs and work is still on