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Objective and solution

The project was to create content management for Customer retail agents. System should collect financial information and allow to place orders of customized documents.

Major tasks:

  • Integrate ASP.NET based web application with Pageflex Server and Pageflex Storefront
  • Create business rule management system that will process financial information
  • Build complex products with use of document actions and custom steps
  • Provide automation of order placement using Storefront API
  • Develop a bunch of PageFlex extensions
  • Modify default Storefront web pages


  • Created highly-customizable Form-Filling forms utilizing jQuery and jSINI
  • To make process more streamlined created plugins for Pageflex Studio
  • Integrated membership and setup synchronization with external systems
  • Provided Single Sign On subsystem

Project highlights

  • Solution significantly decreased time needed to prepare and complete single order
  • Created flexible data import subsystem for importing large bulks of data (hundreds of MBytes)
  • With system roll-out all the redundancy in Customer workflows was eliminated