Company provides an award-winning, comprehensive learning management system for the coordination of e-learning, classroom training, assessment and records management. Product is used on a daily basis by directors of training, e-learning and human resources and provides solutions to their common challenges.

Objective and solution

Customer wanted to revise existent solution functionality and move it to the Web. New system had to be horizontally scalable.

Another challenge was to provide highly configurable and flexible licensing system that will give customer an ability to sell or lend certain parts of the system to partner organizations.


  • Project was envisioned as a suite of web and desktop applications hosted on Microsoft platform
  • The project team involved in all stages of product development and research activities with product owner providing a business analysis, requirements specification and support management
  • Developed auto testing framework
  • Automated deployment and versioning processes

Project highlights

  • Project exists for more than 2 decades
  • Team provides support of Microsoft .NET powered version for more than 5 years
  • High level of automation guarantees high quality of software releases
  • Effective collaboration of distributed team is ensured by agile practices
  • In 2013 project reached volume of more than 50 man/years