Healthcare center located in New Jersey.

Objective and solution

Customer had legacy application that partially implemented existing workflows. System was inconvenient and not flexible enough for further support.

The problem was to reengineer legacy software, automate and rewise existing workflows including:

  • Implement assets order management
  • Automate equipment trasfering between warehouses
  • Create CRM-like system that bridges between physicians patients and insurance companies
  • Integrate with equipment usage monitoring third party systems

Along with automation there was a task to increase effectiveness and perfromance of the new system.


  • Several webportals were developed and cross integrated
  • Extensibility was ensured by service-oriented architecture
  • Existing data was migrated by means of custom built tool
  • Replication of data across warehouses significantly increased overral performance

Project highlights

  • Perfect mix of local involvement and remote communication among team members located in different development locations
  • Appliance of continuous integration and unit testing practices significantly reduced costs spent on testing
  • UX design and implementation time was greatly reduced with the assistance rich component framework
  • Customer has a long-term plans to extend functionality onto mobile platform