Custom Model

We offer cooperation based on the following models

Onsite – SoftStream employees work at our client’s premises, with the client’s team for the whole project duration.

Offsite – specialists stay at SoftStream’s premises, and work remotely on all the given tasks.

Mixed model – one of our project leaders stays at our client’s premises, and works on analysing needs, collecting requirements and remotely coordinating the work of specialists remaining at SoftStream Software’s premises. The leader acts as an intermediary, providing effective communication between the client and our programmers.

We organise our settlements in one of the following models:

Time & material – based on periodic time reports approved by our client, an hourly or daily rate is paid (onsite, offsite).

Fixed-price – we provide our client with a turnkey product based on an agreed scope, deadline and price; work is done at SoftStream’s premises (offsite).